Saudi set to become first Arab to plumb depths of the Arctic

10 Feb

ALKHOBAR: Saudi Capt. Hussam Shukri and Mariam Ferdous are planning to dive in the depths of the Arctic this week for 35 minutes — the maximum period that anyone can spend underwater at the Arctic Pole.
Regarding the planned North Pole trip, Shukri said: “I am proud that I am the first Saudi and Arab adventurer to dive into the North Pole out of 25 people who have done this in the whole world."
He said this experience would prove to the world that Saudis are capable of overcoming obstacles, setting goals and achieving them no matter what, confirming that they faced many obstacles before reaching the preparatory camp in Russia.
Shukri said that he is eyeing his name in the Guinness record book as the first Arab to dive in the Arctic.

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